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"We couldn't have been happier with the professionalism and care that they provided, I not only have a companion, but a true gun-dog...Southern Loon is on the verge of dominating the retriever world!"
A Labrador Retriever with a duck in it's mouth.
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Gun-Dog Program

          If you’re looking for a professional gun dog trainer near you to train your Labrador Retriever(s) into a physically fit and mentally tough gun dog, then look no further! Southern Loon Retrievers takes pride in focusing primarily on providing you with the highest quality gundog training in the nation. We do NOT cut corners when it comes to the standard we hold ourselves to. 

          Where other trainers focus on dollar signs and higher numbers, their quality and attention to the dog falls considerably. Our expert dog trainer promises that only the highest level of dedication is given to each and every one of the dogs here at our kennel! We keep YOU, the owner and dog lover, constantly updated on your dogs performance through the entire duration of training.

          Here at Southern Loon Retrievers, we are waterfowl hunters and love the thrill of running gun dogs for what they were bred for. We want to share that passion and thrill with as many as we can by providing you with a finished and obedient working dog. We will make sure your gun dog is the finest we can possibly produce! We separate ourselves from 99.99% of other gun dog trainers by one word, Life.

          Every business has the “why are we better”, where many will reference a statistic or lead by their ribbon count. Here, we have a story, a story that tells of why we are above all the others. A story that tells others that we do this to stay alive…Read the famed story of our founder and a purpose to live through training gun dogs here.

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