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Southern Loon Retrievers - Become Part of the Pack
“Cost was not a factor with these, it was a matter of sweat and time dedicated into making this the best living conditions possible for these retrievers with what we had...”
Zach Miller - Founder/Lead Trainer at Southern Loon Retrievers
Zach Miller
Founder/Lead Trainer

On The Road...

(Pictured Left) – A white 2020 Ram 1500 Custom Equipped to handle the long miles on the road carrying all the pups and equipment to the training grounds and hunt tests with ease!

(Pictured Right) – The highest level of safety for the pups. A 2021 custom fitted MTCK built “topper” that comfortably fits 6 fully grown dogs with built in pads, fans, vents, LED lights for each run as well as spot and flood lights for the exterior of the topper. The slide out bed allows for storage and training on the move made simple. The setup also comes equipped with a water tank system so water and hydration is never far from our mind. This is just one way we make sure all our funds go back into our dogs well being!