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“Cost was not a factor with these, it was a matter of sweat and time dedicated into making this the best living conditions possible for these retrievers with what we had...”
Zach Miller - Founder/Lead Trainer at Southern Loon Retrievers
Zach Miller
Founder/Lead Trainer

(Pictured Left) – We currently have three state-of-the-art welded wire stainless steel kennel runs, custom made in the USA with Dura-Plastic flooring for ease of sanitizing and cleaning. Each run has a white board (Not pictured) and hook for individual gear and collars. 

(Pictured Right) – “Banjo” our model for the picture, weighing in at 80lbs for reference, is showing how spacious the runs are. Coming in at 4×4 they exceed the state standard 4 times over. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to ask this much from a dog, they deserve this much!

On The Road...

(Pictured Left) – A white 2020 Ram 1500 Custom Equipped to handled the long miles on the road carrying all the pups and equipment to the training grounds and hunt tests with ease!

(Pictured Right) – Two of our G1™ Large Gunner Kennels with whom we are partnered with currently. These kennels are by far the safest on the road and off the road. I have spent a drive in one of these and they are pretty dang comfortable! They are double insulated and equipped with a fan, all-weather covering and reinforced doors. These kennels also lock in three separate locations. 


Did Someone Say Storage?