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"A great gun dog is an investment, no matter how you look at it... Zach and his in-depth training are the insurance policy you need...no questions asked!"
"A Happy Client" Gun-Dog Program
"A Happy Client"
Gun-Dog Program

Online Gun Dog Academy - $450.00

          The premium gun-dog academy presented by one of the most influential gun-dog trainers finally coming out into the gun-dog world! Follow “Fury” from puppy to Champion in this once in a lifetime course! 

          Follow “Fury” on his lifelong journey to become a titled and legendary hunting companion! Zach will walk you through every single step on the way. This course is EXTREMELY in depth, for example, the Chapter 1 is 36 lessons while other programs only have 36 videos total!  Where competitors cover a block of instruction and leave you to do the rest, this program ensures you have guidance the entire way! 

          We understand that not everyone can send their retriever away and want to provide YOU the ability and the know-how to build your own Champion at home!

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Basic Obedience Course - $800.00

             The make of any great gun-dog starts with the basics…obedience. Without it, a gun dog or puppy for that matter, is simply chasing its tail. Our obedience program utilizes special reinforcement tailored specifically for your retriever.  We ensure that your pup is set up for success on each rep to maximize the “canine cognition window”. You will have an obedient retriever, ready for the next level of training! (Course Length: 2-3 Weeks, If needed)

Things to know about BEFORE this course:

  • Age Requirement: Under 1 Year (12 Months) of age.
  • If your pup is going to be coming/staying for the Gun-Dog courses (below), please note that on the intake form, certain commands must be included.
  • Please keep in mind, this is an obedience course, not a behavior course.
  • The price is a one time fee. 

Things to know about AFTER this course:

  • Training never stops, these skills are merely a foundation that must continue to be built upon.
  • Consistency=Success
“Fury” Displaying a perfectly executed “place” command. (Photo by: SLR)
Gun Dog Training (3-X Months)

Where Legends Are Made...

Labrador Retriever Gun-Dog Training
“Tae” (JH) covering the skies during decoy adjustment. (Photo by: SLR)

          Our flagship course, Southern Loon Retrievers™ was founded upon this course and we pride ourselves on the uniqueness of how our gun dog training is done, it is unlike any other today. 

          We provide a Basic and Advanced Gun-Dog Course that combines everything you would want out of your retriever. The course is a 6-9 month course (Dog Dependent) and utilizes the building block method in order to allow your retriever every inch of room to succeed. Listed are only a few of the skills your retriever will master:  Forced Fetch, Blinds, Marking, Casting, Whistle Commands…

          We understand how important your gun dog is to you and we realize that you only get one opportunity to train them correctly. We strive endlessly to ensure you get it done right the first time!

Please understand the following facts regarding the Basic and Adv. Gun Dog courses as they tend to be asked frequently:

– We ONLY train pure bred A.K.C. registered Labrador Retrievers. (Please no silvers, even if registered as a chocolate)

– We ONLY train for waterfowl hunting (in regards to hunt training), no other types of game.

– It IS 3-X months, in most cases a fully “finished” retriever takes 2 years to complete. 

– The cost is $950.00 per month.  

– Your retriever will stay here the entire time at our kennels.

Thank You!!

AKC Hunt Testing

Make Your Mark...

         Hunt testing is the arena and your retriever is the gladiator. Your retriever will have all the skills necessary to obtain their Junior, Senior and Master Hunt Titles. On our intake form you will be asked if you would like to have your retriever tested. If selected “yes” then our trainer will handle your retriever in order to obtain as many titles as desired. 

– The retrievers will ONLY be handled by our expert trainer. 

– We welcome you to come and watch your retriever compete!

– All testing fees will be paid in full by the owner.

(Left) Founder Zach Miller & (Right) “Tae” fresh off her 2nd and 3rd Junior A.K.C. Victory! (Photo by: David Bottoms)